Hire: Augers

Augers are used in landscaping, fencing and construction.

Tech Spec
About Augers

The drive unit can have a range of flytes (augers) fitted ranging from 150mm to 1000mm and extensions (up to 3m) can be added to achieve deeper digging depths. Standard dig depth without extensions is 1.2m.

Augers can drill into most ground conditions; more powerful units and specially adapted flytes are available for harder ground (rocks, sandstone, concrete).

Product Features
  • Available to fit 1 to 30+ ton excavators
Common Uses
  • Drilling holes of various widths into most ground conditions
  • Excavation foundations for concrete
  • Pre drilling fence post holes
Excavator Requirements
  • Standard breaker circuit or Dual flow circuit.
Available Augers models
1.5-3 Tons PDX2 / x2500 800mm 90 Kg 150mm – 400mm 65mm / Rd 70-150 240 Bar Standard
3-7 Tons PD4 / x4500 800mm 148Kg 150mm – 750mm 65mm / Rd 70-150 240 Bar Standard
5-9 Tons x7000 1000mm 206 Kg 200mm – 900mm 75mm / Sq 70-230 240 Bar Standard
7-20 Tons PD18 / x12000/ x20000 1200mm 300 Kg 250mm – 1000mm 75mm / Sq 70-230 240 Bar Standard
15-30+ Tons PD30 /PD50 1200mm 420/530 Kg 750mm – 1000mm 75mm / Sq 70-230 240 Bar Standard
Extension Poles Available for all models up to 3.5m depth various suits all flights 65 Rd /75 Sq n/a n/a n/a
To Fit Excavator weight Model Auger Dig Max (depth without extensions) Weight inc saddle/flight Flight Range (widths) Output shaft Oil Flow l/min Max Pressure Circuit Requirements
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Hire: Augers
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