Hire: Static Pulverizers

Ideal for separating re-bar from concrete in secondary demolition.

Tech Spec
About Static Pulverizers

Pulverizers are an essential demolition tool, the hooked shape head on fixed head pulverizers makes them ideal for separating re-bar from concrete in secondary demolition as well as being a powerful tool for demolishing boundary walls or vertical cement structures of medium height.

Astra have units available for both sale or hire – they fit onto any suitable standard excavator with a dual flow hydraulic circuit.

Product Features
  • Fit onto any suitable standard excavator
Common Uses
  • Separating re-bar from concrete in secondary demolition
  • Demolishing boundary walls
  • Demolishing cement structures of medium height
Excavator Requirements
  • Dual flow hydraulic circuit
Available Static Pulverizers models
To fit excavator weight Model Weight Inc Saddle Rotation Crushing Force – Tip End Crushing Force – Blade Centre Max Pressure Oil Flow (l/pm) Max jaw open Circuit Requirements
18 – 25 Ton POSHER 200 Pulverizer 1850 Kg Fixed 70 Tons 200 Tons 320 Bar 180 – 250 864 mm 2 Way Circuit
13 – 17 Ton HFP 12V Fixed Pulverizer 1550 Kg Fixed 65 ton 150 ton 310 Bar 120 – 200 690mm 2 Way Circuit
13 – 20 Ton MK-13 Multi Processor – Pulverizer Jaw 1900 Kg Rotational 360 65 ton 190 ton 140 Bar 180-250 750mm 2 way plus auxiliary
13 – 15 Ton HRP 14 Rotating Pulverizer 1450 Kg Rotational 360 55 Ton 140 ton 310 Bar 180-250 705mm 2 way plus auxiliary
5 – 9 Ton HCC 5V Concrete Processor 640 Kg Rotational 360 25 Ton 90 ton 120 Bar 80-150 480mm 2 way plus auxiliary
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See Static Pulverizers in action
Hire: Static Pulverizers
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