Using attachments to reduce HAVS

18th September 2019
Using attachments to reduce HAVS

For many years the use of some hand tools in the construction industry has been directly linked to the cause of hand arm vibration syndrome (HAVS) and many construction companies are now pledging to reduce or even eradicate HAVS on UK construction sites.

Using plant attachments rather than hand tools for breaking, sawing and cuttings is one key move helping sites meet their HAVS reduction targets.

Astra have over 30 different attachments, many of which will reduce or completely eradicate the risks manual work and hand tools bring as well as speed up production and keep workers out of trenches or dangerous situations.

Astra will fit their attachments on site, nationwide to all makes/models of excavator from 1 ton to 55 ton, contact one of our hire personnel to discuss your on-site needs.

Trevi Benne
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