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These shears are commonly used to demolish heavy steel structures as well as on professional scrap and steel recycling sites.

Tech Spec
About Demolition Shears

Trevi Benne CS Series Scrap Shears (The Marilyn Shear).

The Marilyn Shear is designed for use in modern industrial demolition sites where relevant cutting force at considerable height is required.

The jaw features a ‘parrot beak shape’ meaning the material is cut cleaner and won’t jam like many scissor action jaws.

Manufacturer’s warranty and full product support are available on all new Trevi Benne attachments.

New and used Trevi Benne Shear attachments are available to fit 2-55 ton excavators. Get in touch to find out more.

Product Features
  • 360 degree rotation
  • The Trevi Benne Shears are made out of wear resistant steel mixtures including the durable HARDOX-400® steel
  • Interchangeable blades with four cutting edges
  • Equipped with a heavy duty double ball bearing swivel head and enhanced rotation motor
  • Special blade on the tip of the beak, makes welding unnecessary
  • Equipped with an oil regeneration valve for extremely rapid work cycles
  • Will cut through most profiles of steel and steel rope
Common Uses
  • General demolition of steel structures
  • Breaking down scrap steel
  • Offshore demolition/ oil rig decommissioning
Excavator Requirements
  • Two way plus auxiliary (rotation) circuit.
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