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Soosan are the world’s third largest manufacturer of Hydraulic Breakers and the outstanding performance of these breakers is recognised worldwide.

Tech Spec
About Hydraulic Breakers

Soosan hydraulic breakers are a preferred brand of breaker across the UK. As well as the hundreds of breakers available for hire in Astra’s nationwide fleet, hundreds of Soosan Breakers have been sold to leading UK construction companies in the last 5 years.

All breakers are tested in accordance with an ISO quality control system before delivery.

Manufacturer’s warranty and full product support are available on all new breakers.

New and used Soosan breakers are available to fit 1-55 ton excavators. Get in touch to find out more.

Product Features
  • Highest Power to Weight Ratio
  • The patented unique valve system means a simple hydraulic circuit
  • Fewer components means less maintenance
  • Fully closed frame with noise and vibration dampening system
Common Uses
  • Demolishing concrete structures
  • Rock breaking
  • Road works (tarmac cutting)
  • Secondary breaking in quarries
Excavator Requirements
  • Standard breaker circuit
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