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The Trevi Benne MK Series are multi-functioning tools for all working conditions.

Tech Spec
About Multi Processors

These versatile, robust attachments can be supplied with 6 different, interchangeable jaws that can be attached to a universal body. The interchangeable demolition kits can be attached by means of a new and innovative hydraulic quick changing system. There is no longer a need for manual exchange, the jaws are hydraulically attached without having to remove any structural pins.

The jaw change can be done in as little as 5 minutes. Available jaws include:

  • Combi Jaw
  • Pulverizer Jaw
  • Shear Jaw
  • Universal Jaw
  • Tankshear Jaw
  • Demolition Jaw

Manufacturer’s warranty and full product support are available on all new Trevi Benne attachments.

New and used Trevi Benne Multi Processor attachments are available to fit 9-55+ ton excavators (the models include MK10, MK13, MK15, MK20, MK25, MK35, MK50 and MK70).

Product Features
  • Interchangeable Jaw change in under 5 minutes
  • Interchangeable teeth, can be easily replaced
  • Made of durable HARDOX-400 steel®
  • Equipped with an oil regeneration valve for extremely rapid work cycles
  • Equipped with a heavy duty double ball bearing swivel head and enhanced rotation motor
Common Uses
  • Demolishing concrete and steel structures
  • Tank demolition
  • Primary and Secondary demolition of buildings
  • Processing materials on site/crushing concrete
Excavator Requirements
  • Two way plus auxiliary (Rotation) circuit
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